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Foundation paradigms and methodologies 
Understanding reality 

We believe that the success of any endeavour is in the attainment of a pre-defined measure of success. It is important that the underlying (causal) variables of problems are identified so that the correct problem is solved. The emphasis to prevent a type three statistical problem (solving the wrong problem) necessitates a thinking approach where enough time is allocated to understand the client’s business, the industry and the impact of likely macro and micro scenario’s on their business. Unique solutions are sometimes necessary and just repeating what everybody thinks is best practice does not always result in a desired result as the world of business keeps on being redefined at an ever increasing pace. 

Diagnostics process 

A process of
(a)   Business evaluation
(b)   Real causal variable identification
(c)   Appropriate scientific knowledge utilisation
(d)   Understanding within a systems context
(e)   Innovative and creative solution generation techniques and (f) Measurable implementation
        methodologies have stood us and our clients in good stead over the years.  

Last updated: 30 Sept 2018